Buy second-hand Rolex 116333 price how much attention to what matters

In addition to the rolex uk Shui Gui series, Rolex 116333 is also a very popular replica watch , a lot of friends also have to consider to start a Rolex 116333, then the price of second-hand Rolex 116333, in the selection of second-hand fake watches, what precautions, Cousin and everyone to talk about these notes. Buy second-hand Rolex 116333 in addition to the price also need to pay attention to a lot of details: First, whether the watch itself is a problem 1, observe the overall appearance of the watch. Appearance, whether the full length of the section, whether the annex is in. There is the year prefix. 2, the use of traces is serious, the normal use of traces can be handled, but if there is a serious bump, then a little more trouble need to pay gold. 3, look at the dial, pointer. Rolex dial cost is very expensive, if the injury is recommended, or not. An original dial is estimated to have a quarter of the value in the watch! 4, the dial inside the pointer, whether there is oxidation of water, if the watch into the water, then the water vapor will lead to internal metal rust, oxidation. Generally this is difficult to deal with. 5, is open to check the movement: the watch is the use of automatic winding mechanical constant movement of the Rolex 3136 movement. 6, Parachrom gossamer are using the latest Rolex latest technology blue steel gossamer. 7, and then you can take a magnifying glass carefully look at the movement of the internal structure of the screw whether there are twisted marks. Second, the watch of the problem Whether it is to buy Rolex 116333 or other watches, in the purchase of two watches in addition to the price more close to the people, we also have to pay attention to a problem, that is, the watch of the road, only to the regular second-hand shop to buy in order to ensure the quality of the watch Road problems, but also to ensure after-sales. Only to ensure that the above problems, we can consider buying second-hand Rolex 116333, of course, the other watches are the same Oh.