Rolex official maintenance service center

rolex replica watches is a sophisticated timing instrument, when the fake watches failure will have a different cause, such as the Rolex watch stop and go there are many reasons. fake rolex watches to stop and go for two reasons: one is man-made failure, one is natural damage. Rolex watches for different reasons there are different ways to deal with the following Xiaobian led everyone to understand about. 1. If the Rolex watch man-made stop and stop, then the vast majority of the watch is caused by a violent impact, the watch gear dislocation, so the watch appeared to stop and go failure, the watch appears such a situation, Need to go to the watch repair point to the maintenance staff for the dislocation of the parts of the watch can be reassembled. 2. Rolex watches do not like the quartz watch is the battery to watch the time, but by the movement of the parts within the watch, which is the charm of the Rolex watch. But also the difference between Rolex watches and quartz watches. Rolex watch watch movement movement time, all rely on the movement parts, if the watch wear a long time on the watch movement parts of the sludge dry wear, which will cause the watch to stop, this is the Rolex watch walk The cause of the natural damage. 3. If Rolex watches such as the occurrence of stop-and-go, processing methods, need to go to the watch repair shop to the maintenance staff to watch the movement to be a clean oil cleaning just fine. 4. Rolex watch movement is more complex, watch wear more attention, but most of the watch people do not know how to wear watches and watches how to carry out maintenance; watch maintenance needs careful care, do not open the watch back to avoid Dust into the movement affect the normal work of the watch. Long-term storage does not wear the watch, the monthly winding on a regular basis, so that parts will not be long-term in a quiescent state to ensure the performance of the watch machine. 5. Avoid placing near chemicals that are prone to disperse or evaporate easily. Such as light water, thinner and other organic solvents or containing gasoline, nail polish, cosmetics and other spray, toilet with a strong detergent next to. Avoid placing objects near magnetic waves (TV, audio, etc.). Do not put the watch on the radio, TV, so as not to magnetize. 6. Rolex watch maintenance knowledge "regular inspection" is very important, Rolex watches the best every year to check to see if the use of improper or water situation. And then every three years to do a thorough cleaning, maintenance. In the economic capacity of the scope of the permit, may wish to have two or three watchs in the daily life of the replacement: static activities, wearing a rover watches, sports are wearing sports watch. Rolex watches are driven by mechanical gears and winding, the rotation will inevitably produce friction, so the course of time must be refueling, lubrication, to reduce parts wear rate.

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