Rolex watch accessories replacement point

Most people buy the fake rolex watches at the beginning, are full of joy in the selection, appreciation and contrast, they indulge in the famous brand of a good ring under the aura, indulge in the advantages of various advantages of the salesman boast, indulge in shopping Very satisfied with the happy, very few people think of such a high price of the uk replica watches will be how, how to do? Because most people in the subconscious are acquiescence of a habitual thinking, such a expensive swiss replica watches, there should not be a lot of problems Should not it be easy to bad? Even if the bad will have a professional sale after it? One of the common sense: do not leave, do not be nervous. Travel time are not allowed, sometimes slow to stop when the trip. This problem appears in many users of the forum posts, but also a lot of buyers are very tangled a problem. Spend high prices to buy the watch, even if there is no additional functional advantages, walking accuracy is the most should be satisfied, but even the most basic errors are not within the brand to ensure that the error! This is not too pull, In this regard, we hope you can understand three points. 1. From an objective point of view, to understand the accuracy of the watch, mechanical watches relative to the quartz watch itself there is a certain error, oscillation system (including escapement system and balance spring system) coordination and stability is the decision Whether it can accurately travel the main factors. These are the hardware problems that exist in the movement itself, we can not avoid, the slight error is reasonable. At the same time, the error value provided by the brand is the daily error calculation, not the monthly error! If you say "my watch a month slow two minutes", then your watch is not a big mistake. 2. From the external factors, the temperature, magnetic field, the impact of the watch is to interfere with the precise timing of the watch. Temperature changes will be the length of the working length of the hair, while changing the balance wheel moment, can directly affect the timing accuracy; magnetic field for the impact of the watch we must be more familiar with, because the mechanical watch there are a lot of steel materials, such as steel Wheel, escapement wheel, etc., so very susceptible to magnetic; impact, but also bear the brunt of one of the factors. 3. The chain is not full or wear the state can not make the full release of the energy of the watch. Because the watch all the tests in the factory are in accordance with a person's daily life of the ideal state of the test, including the arm of the swing, the watch to accept the external environment. If you are sitting in the office all day, can not let the automatic mechanical watch has the power, naturally will not be accurate when walking, it will not fully meet the power reserve time. Wearing too much comfort or too much movement, are not conducive to the watch's travel time. Common sense of the two: after-sales warranty card - free pass Most of the time to buy the watch will be attached to a warranty card, but this does not mean to the watch on the insurance. Like a cell phone, within the warranty period, the general man-made damage and appearance damage is not within the warranty. Movement of their own problems, will warranty. Other issues are to pay for the maintenance, and different prices ranging. To know, buy a watch is a one-time investment, while the watch is a long-term investment. Common sense of the three: wear-resistant sapphire crystal glass mirror, not anti-wear Sapphire Mirror is a kind of crystal mirror synthesized by artificial compression. It has the advantages of high density, good hardness, less scratches, but it does not mean that it is resistant to wear. It also has shortcomings, the harder the more brittle things, it is not shock, should not bump, weight, heavy fall and other inappropriate operation. Under normal wear, the strength of the sapphire crystal glass watch is enough, no problem, but when your watch fell to the ground or hit, the sapphire mirror prone to crack; In addition, some improper way of wearing in life will also affect the safety of the watch mirror, such as diamond jewelry, marble, etc., will be scratched on it. There are a lot of friends do not pay attention, accidentally on his pocket, washing machine was washed bad. To know that the mirror once broken, then the resulting maintenance costs will be very expensive. Beijing New World watches repair center celebrities official designated maintenance center, Beijing Chongwenmen New World Center Office Block B, Room 601 designated service center, is a professional maintenance of the world watch repair center

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